new address

Settling in at the new office

As we enter into the Labor day weekend, I want to offer my sincere gratitude to all the wonderful angels, friends, family, who helped me transfer so smoothly to the new office. This has been challenging for me, for the new staff, and for the staff left behind. It has been especially difficult for the numerous wonderful patients who have been displaced during this process.
I offer many thanks to Dr. Holder and his family/ staff for allowing this transition with ease.
The details of the new facility are noted in the contact section but I repeat it here for convenience:
New address: 720 E. Thunderbird Suite 3 Phoenix, Az. 85022
Work number: 602-866-8603
(from Scottsdale, take Cactus west until it becomes Thunderbird at Cave Creek road).
For a few weeks, we are having to slow down on admitting new patients until we can get enough providers to take on the increased health care load. Have patience please and if you run into trouble getting an appointment, check your insurance and if urgent, then choose according to your insurance. If not urgent, please check back in a few weeks when our new providers are hired.
My wish is for your optimum health and excellent care.

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