Workshops and Presentations

Below are examples of presentations available:
Please call or email at when interested in hosting or promoting these presentations in ways to Heal Fully and with Grace

Titles of presentations from 1993 to present include

Controlling Aggression
Listen to Your Body - Wellness
Bio-identical Hormone Replacement lecture
Balancing Mind and Emotions for Better Health
Toward Empowerment
Meditative Lifestyles for Healing
Subtle Energies and Quantum Experiences
Resetting Yourself: A Meditative Professional Lifestyle
Path to Resiliency
Regulating Autonomic Nervous System with Acupuncture and Meditation
Leadership: Chaos to Opportunity
Heal your Gut / Heal your Body
Healing Hypertension
Meditation and Dream Work
Hormone Balance
Brain, Breath, and Healing: A Series
Adrenal Fatigue
Cardiovascular Health-Improving Outcomes
Sleep and Stress: Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System
Emotions and Feelings: How they Affect our Bodies and Tools to Heal
Viral Exposure and Ways to Stay Healthy
Chronic Medications and How to Limit Their Use (elevated blood pressure, diabetes, lipids, thyroid, stress)
Grief, Loss, and the Brain: Tools for Self Care
Discussions: Ways to Heal Fully and with Grace
Sleep and Circadian Rhythm