Welcome back to Yoga April 1, 2015

Good evening and thank you for your patience regarding the absence of the yoga class last week.

While I was gone, I delivered a presentation to a gracious and strong group of health care staff, R.N.'s and providers in Vermont. The topic: Burnout, compassion fatigue and steps toward empowerment. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your kind reception!!!!!

Come and join us this Wednesday, the 1st of April, as I will resume yoga class at 6pm to celebrate midweek accomplishments and then to rest with the sounds of the gong.
The address and brochure is noted below.... 6pm at 40th street location just north of the fire station and south of Bell.

I intend to present more topics that are important to the community. If you have ideas for presentation, and locations that are both cost effective and comfortable, please let me know your thoughts.
Blessings, Kathleen