Use the provider code KRICKARD

Excellent resource for nutrition supplements: visit the website above and browse Dr. Kathleen's favorites including:
Phytomulti with methylated B vitamins,
Vitamin D3 (especially with K2),
Omega 3 fatty acids 1000,
Ulta-Inflamx powders,
Myocalm PM,
Vitamin C,
Probiotics with at least two types in the ingredients specifically Ultraflora Spectum or women's,
Inflavonoid Intensive Care
Immune Active during Viral Season
Read all about these and more at Metagenics website
If ordering from this website, you will need a provider code: KRICKARD

i am also a very big proponent of high dose vitamin A prior to viral season as it helps strengthen the cells that would otherwise be attacked and hijacked by a virus... See Kara Fitzgerald's information at