September 2023: Speaking Your Truth

Where are you in your growth journey?
I recently had an amazing healing session of a unique kind of work called Body Talk or rather a blend of that work. This transformational conversation brought to the foreground what I often advise to others but perhaps had forgotten to apply to me. The past with all the good, bad, joy, survival, awareness, dysfunction is both a set of vital tools for being on this planet this lifetime and also burdens or crosses to bear until we choose to let them go.

It is natural for us to define ourselves by the experiences of our youth, especially before age 8. Bruce Lipton was very clear about that. Check out any of his YouTube discussions to clarify.

The key, at one time or another through our earth journey, is to determine through self-awareness and with solidarity, whether those trappings of our childhood teachings have any validity now as adults.
It is remarkable for me to become aware that for all the service and healing work I have accomplished, the threads of “not good enough”, could still linger as I persisted in hearing the words of childhood that were intended to protect me, yet hampered my individual gifts.

The gift of these times now is that nothing will be the same again, the past is overall not as valid in this new era. I am thrilled to have been invited to look straight at my childhood, see that time for what it was in the context of others’ fears, not my mission on the planet… And release that information as not actually mine, now replace those old templates with fresh thoughts of who I am and why I am here.

So I invite you to consider the same as we powerfully enter a new era, redefining how we will be navigating our lives through the Aquarian era as it unfolds in front of us.
This is the month of speaking to uplift about some or all of our own personal awareness and to be present to noble fresh ideals as we are shifting so rapidly this month. The universe is at our service and willing to do what we think of most, especially now…

Start by really taking that deep dive into old tattered thoughts that do not serve. Deeply grieve the emotional traps that bound us as young and vulnerable children…. Then it is important to catch your thoughts, scrub them to your liking for what you do like. Then in noble knowing, project them out by written, verbal or presence to attract more of what you want.

This of course starts with the breath, so breathe by stretching the diaphragm down into the abdominal cavity, shoulders always down, relaxed, straight spine… Inhale nose, exhale nose to take advantage of the strength of your nervous system to support you.

After recognizing and clearing the grief associated with awareness, then observe and imagine gratitude. Recall what brings you a sense of joy and passion. Hold that, follow that thought, and feel the flow begin without distraction. Continue that method twice a day, only a couple minutes every day, it will grow to more time when you are ready.

These things become a new habit DAILY. The breath, the thought, the word, the presence.
Expanding this simple work is the root of energetic healing.