September 2022: Heal Self - Heal Others

How are you feeling this month? Have you begun or continued to align with your purpose and passion? Yes, it is a process that we are all born to accomplish, particularly important during these times. This is a 6 month, dedicated to all things heart and home. Our internal clock is aware of our own healing energy, now feeling an urgent need to spread compassion throughout the universe. It simply requires tapping into that knowing daily.

This begins by taking time daily to see our wholeness as we truly are and as others ACTUALLY see us, not as we think others “must be” seeing us The lens of poor self-worth, of self-degradation, and forgetting our strength in personal integrity, leads to dis-ease and immune issues. Fatigue of over doing everything, over committing, over protecting can be daunting while frankly maintaining a sense of exhaustion. This is the distraction to healing.

The entire planet appears to be disrupted and disconnected. But actually, that is not so. It seems that what we need now is to step into self-acceptance and self-healing as the key to spreading that powerful and elevated energy. Coming from a place of internal wholeness allows us to effortlessly project that magnificent field out to heal those around us through compassion, commitment, and focus. Self-healing then tips the scales toward planetary holistic, inclusive wellness. What we think becomes.

This healing cannot be accomplished without first critically evaluating the thoughts and words we put out to the universe. The media doesn’t want to project self-awareness or empowerment, so it appears that such goodness does not exist. But that is not a place of heart. That is a place instead of control through fear.

So, speak clearly of the spark of whole wellness that is actually everywhere and coming first from within. Be kind to yourself as you explore your inner journey. See the good in you first, so you can more easily see the mirror of good in others. This absolutely does indeed exist and can be seen easily, with practice, through the lens of self-awareness, and then of that spark of light in each person each day.

PS: I will be speaking at Essential Health and Wellness Thursday September 22nd
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