September 2021: Maintaining Strength and Flexibility

This has been an interesting month for change, and adaptation to story. All of us have both an internal and external dialogue that we nurture, feed, and sometimes reject all together.
Bruce Lipton has always noted that these dialogues start with building our world knowledge templates as children. He always states that we learn like sponges with open theta brain waves until we are about 7 years old. Then we play on that series of stories throughout our lives until we decide to see them and consciously change the story moving forward. This month seems to have been that kind of dance.
The unpredictability of life these days has left some numb, some angry, some fearful, and some knowing that we were born for just this experience and are willing to ride this tornado until it dissolves leaving a power within us that we did not know we had.
I asked Sangeet ( when she thought we would hit bottom and she gave me so much clarity by stating there is no bottom and no top. Just experience that we can choose to fly with or drown in… wow.
I have been practicing the art of evaluating so much of what is happening around me as the observer instead of the participant or contributing editor. Not always successful as I do have my own strong opinion. But the more I attempt this enduring and restorative thought, the better I feel, and the more flexible I become for whatever is going to happen in one minute from now.
As always, I strongly recommend getting out as often as possible. Snap away from the routine even for a few hours to drive out of town in any direction and take a walk. See and smell water and trees, feel sand, hear wind, rain, thunder…. Live of the planet, ground and breathe: As Within, So Without. It makes a huge difference in this month of the physical!