September 2020: Passion/Compassion and the Neutral Mind

When the world seems so odd, how do we take the opportunity to find a neutral hold and balance? This month offers that possibility. This is the month of seeking the neutral mind to access meaning in this year 2020.

To even attempt to look back over the last 6 months is still mind boggling to me. So much change and story: Not necessarily facts, but lots of dialogue and certainly passionate ideas, one way or another, are occurring as we navigate through our lives right now.

So, what happens with the passion in life when it is mixed with such turmoil going on all around us? For me, it has been challenging. I see so much disharmony and although my mind can wrap around the importance of polarity and chaos to give us a clearer picture of what needs to be changed, my heart is struggling with the suffering. (Thank you Sangeet for this insight).

Much of our future is depending on what we have considered most important during these times as we grow with all of this. Communication is now different, community is different, work, school, relationships, patterns, habits, beliefs are all different. It feels chaotic.

The word chaos is an interesting concept describing that, within the apparent randomness of everything we observe, there are underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant and repetitive loops, similarities, fractals of unfolding symmetry, and spontaneous reorganization. So really, chaos is yet to be known rebalancing and we can use our instinct to help manifest from this unknown to what we DO want for the highest good. How hopeful.

With all of these chaotic changes, there are the makings of an enormous potential for a better lifestyle, better nutrition, healthier planet, clearer knowing, peaceful presence, and of course grace. It requires choice.

This September month offers a chance to be still in the moment, in a mindful meditative space, to take time to observe world with all its polarity, and with a neutral mind. This month then provides us with the opportunity, coming from that neutral mind, to stand for what we have learned over the last six months, projecting out our future plans with passion and compassion for our new times moving forward.

Be Well,
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