October and the Color of Completion

Welcome to October with all the mystery of completion within a completion year of 2016. If you haven't already had the urge to clean up your home and any emotional baggage that weighs you down, now is a great time.
August was a good month for me to take a break and September was a very challenging month for so many as we wove and dodged miscommunications, frustrating attempts to move forward, volatile and violent behaviors all around. It was a great month to remain still, go within and contemplate places to find gratitude.
NOW OCTOBER: This is the month for clarifying and completing the intentions you laid out for this year. Carry integrity, pray for the highest good in all ways and for all. With that in mind, it is time to set your intention for what you do want moving forward.
Take care of the vibrations and moods you attract, and take care to surround yourself with those that are harmonious with the intentions you sent.
Given this month of active completion, I set my intention to revisit and forgive relationships of my past. I wanted this so that I can release old patterns and begin to prepare for new beginnings with new thoughts and beliefs.
In answer to my prayers, I have had an enormously profound representation of what I asked for.
With some trepidation, I decided to join in on the celebrations of my 40th class reunion from high school. I continued to carry some scared feelings of rejection and the like from so many years ago, so this idea was complex and stressful.
Well, with intention, I asked that I could see, address, and release as many layers of emotion that held me back. Sooooooooo I was gifted with so many symbols that I have been overwhelmed a bit. I had the opportunity to address my childhood, grade school, high school, undergraduate studies, my time in the ER, all in the span of one week.
The serendipity began when I got a call in the middle of a week from a woman who I have not heard from for more than 20 years that represented my undergraduate studies. (So Freya, if you see this, please call back because I was so shocked that I forgot to get your number)...
At the reunion: so many memories, fears, anxieties which all became dissolved among such amazing and beautiful people I spoke to during this weekend event. As well as high school memories, I had a flood of grade school memories at that reunion to relive ad release.
Then I visited the chapel where I got married: lots more emotion. Memories of my dad: even more. If that weren't enough, the universe provided one more view of my life. One of the most kind and caring physicians I have ever had the privilege to work with, came up to me at the chapel to talk and remind me of my E.R. days which were so important to my life. Thank you Dr. Reinhart.
My take home? Absolute gratitude and thankfulness for all the beautiful and generous souls I have had the privilege to work with and play with over my life thus far. I feel so blessed, so full of hope.
May the highest and most noble good be a part of your life now as you intend, reflect, close, and prepare for an amazing 2017.