October 2023: Fiery Energy

October of each year shows a glimpse of the coming year’s theme. In the sense of healing, this month is all about power. It is an 8 number which is the number of infinity with infinite opportunities for those seeking such self-growth. And action.

This is a strong month and with awareness, can be a big hearted, in charge, critical thinking time for the advancement of true healing and self-empowerment. Or else, burdened by lack of awareness, brings a fiery persona, destined to desperately cling to control and power of others to make themselves artificially feel powerful, and at all costs too, without regard to outcomes for the greatest good.

I was recently gifted an enormous opportunity to deeply dive into yet another layer of learning about the blocks in my own world. In this case, it was to get a “front and center” view of being so very “different” from a very young age, and learning on a new level that what I used to think was different was really simply not understood by those not ready or able to hear. It seems that my work is just now becoming more clearly understood.

I have developed and have been teaching a 3 part series in energy medicine, and I am so grateful for the audience to not only be receptive to learning about how we really heal, but as I just completed the 2nd part this week, learning how amazingly aware and open this community is regarding this energy work.
It is with great joy that I watched the start of second class bringing these folks together in a fabulous sense of humor, light hearted feeling, laughter and community of “closet” energy healers that somehow also forgot they had permission to explore the real future of medicine.
I enjoy using my gifts that at another time, not long ago, I would have kept hidden because of feeling so different. Crossing fingers that part 3 is as enjoyable as the last two for all……

Despite the turmoil everywhere we look, devastation to so many lives, it is hugely important in my opinion that we each link to the mystery of this Aquarian times and step back, know who we are as healers, and begin by blessing each person to help them see their own spark of light. It seems that the human burden of generations upon generations of fear, lack of self-control, lack of self-autonomy, and lack self-awareness must be intensely painful for all involved.

A couple take home tidbits from energy medicine:
1. What we put out in thought and emotion, comes back to us in abundance
2. To that which we give our power, becomes our predominant thought
3. That which we give attention to grows
4. Healers living in higher and steadier vibration and presence more often, not only emanate that energy outward to heal but are also buffered from the energy of negativity sent out by others. That means if we are solid and neutral or in “coherence” we both heal and are protected for doing so (heart coherence).

It seems that per quantum physics: if we spend energy trying to fix things, we are not as strong, therefore more vulnerable, than if we step back, observing and placing ATTENTION not intention to powerful healing.
All great stuff based on great minds studying vibrational/ energy healing modalities.
May your month of October be a self-aware and self-empowered time for the highest good!
PS: I recently did a podcast on compassion fatigue with Mathew Blades in his work on “Learnfrompeoplewholivedit” Attached is the podcast on YouTube. It is also on spotify, apple, and I-heart. I hope you enjoy.