October 2022: Be the Inspiration

We have been traveling through a year of heart felt and sometimes overwhelmingly heart-breaking life issues. This month of October is our sneak peek at the upcoming year energetically. Hopefully we have been able to reach deeper into our own selves to leave the instinct of fight/ flight response on a shelf a bit and to move toward a more intuitive decision making. I hope there has been a glimpse of such transformation in your world.

This month we get a chance to take some of those tools of awareness, even a small speck of knowing, and apply them to the highest good through voice, written word, celebration, song, chant, dance… We are, more than ever, able to tap into a noble sense of speaking up and speaking out as we set ourselves for 2023.

For now, start writing what you feel. Because what we must speak in the coming year will have to be spoken from the heart for believability and authenticity. In fact, we will be learning next year, and starting now, that we can judge a truth by how heart felt (not fearful) the story is presented. In other words, begin to judge a story given to you as a place of passionate compassion, the highest good calling OR a place of judgmental, controlling, demeaning, troubled, or stagnant disharmony.

Begin to really look at the quality of the words presented to you. Give yourself pause and breathe before reacting to determine the pull for fear or the pull for hope. Then speak your truth from the heart.

It is time now to see what is happening, not out of fear, but instead to gravitate toward those compassionate, passionate discussions that link us all as a human race.
Be well,