October 2021: A Glimpse of 2022

Each October offers a window into the theme for the following year. The weather changes, we feel the interest to get outside, some plans for the fall and winter holidays are beginning, and we begin to feel fresh ideas for the coming year.

This month provides us with an opportunity to begin to reevaluate our homes, our heart-felt commitments, our families, our lifestyles. It is a great time to imagine and plan for a sacred space for ourselves in nature whether it is on a porch, a back yard, or a wilderness…

Although we are not quite there yet, we get to know that the heart year is on the horizon. As we are aware of the gifts of 2022, we need to keep embracing flexibility, and the physical needs of 2021. As we set our sites on the global home, we can take the rest of the year to give health and work related details some attention.

Are you caught up with your dental, vision, physical labs/ exams? Have you been looking at your work and choosing whether it is time to update your resume or assess if you really love your job right now?

Flexibility actually means keeping the integrity that you hold for yourself even though the outside pressures are in a world that is anything but transparent. Confused? Stay steady with your convictions and the right thing for you. That is your right after all. Realize that it might mean a new job will offer a like-minded / health conscious community that you have wanted all along.

So begin to feel the outcomes of this year by remaining flexible while holding to your highest and honored level of health for you. Get outside, get back to the hike with clean water in your hand. And set your sites on family, healing, caring, heart, home and community as we move through the calendar toward 2022.