October 2020: Potential Peek at 2021

The month of October is a time of pause and preparation. As the leaves change, the temperature drops, and nature prepares to slow way down, we put our energy into a rhythm of closure and hope of renewal. It offers a chance for us to glimpse at the potential for 2021.

This month is a “five “month asking us to be flexible in our lives as we wrestle with so much ongoing change. The thoughts important to us this month can be a window to our world for 2021 (a five year). Imagine all our choices and potential during this month.

Let’s add more pressure to the month by entering our last mercury retrograde of the year as well as the last mercury retrograde in a water sign for the next two years. What?

These temporary shifts happen quarterly with stories about potential communication malfunctions in person and by computer. I guess that means this blog is at risk? Well, as I try to understand it, this particular occasion occurring in a water sign of scorpio, providing an amazing gift of heart felt intuition, insight, and instinct. The key though, is to slow our minds every day, open our hearts. Take time in nature, even our own backyards, and allow that internal pace of autumn to guide us to true knowing.

So, this month is especially important to go within, invest in minding your thoughts, increasing moments of stillness to access the highest vibration for the planet right now. What do you really want? Are you trying to control others’ beliefs as THE truth? Are you looking to the highest good to serve humanity?

This is an important opportunity to see clearly, feel palpably, know intuitively, the highest and best chance of optimum health for the planet and ultimately for the human race that relies on the air, water, food, soil, energy of the planet.