October 2019: Glimpse of the coming 2020

October 2019 is the month to step back, breathe, and imagine how all the events of 2019 will play out in 2020. As I reflect on this year, I am reminded about how busy 2019 has become. Is that busy life we live, that is so urgent feeling, actually more important than our investment in our own wellbeing? I keep telling myself that this class, that workshop, one more training event… are all wonderful opportunities to gather more and more information needed for the future. And I do believe that to be true, but I am hovering over burnout with the speed and intensity of everything. When is enough, enough? Or I should really say, when am I good enough? And so… I continue my meditative practice.
Last month, I wrote a sampling of some of the forms of healing of which I have been trained or are still training in and that could be brought together for a great healing opportunity. That is still true too, and I am receiving amazing responses from those who have had an opportunity to experience this culmination of work, in ways I simply did not expect. I remain insatiably curious about how to best serve, and to understanding the root of dis-ease.
This is a fortunate time for healing and learning too, as more and more healers are responding to the call of the openly solicited requests to be healed, as well as the availability for healing. More folks are awake to the understanding that healing is not only possible, but also found in a widely varied set of venues.
As this month of October comes to a close, stay in wonder and gratitude at the amazing humans who, when you may least expect it, simply cross your path with a beautiful opportunity to heal. This time to pause is made more necessary as we enter mercury retrograde at the end of the month. So contemplate and meditate on a possible path of healing for you. And reach out to those who heal. We are all at the gate of an amazing crystalline transformation and the profound betterment of our very human existence. It all begins with that still small voice of intuition found in silence, peace, and love.
Happy Halloween, be safe and I’ll be back next month.
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