October 2018: A Month for Creative Empowerment

October 2018:
In this year of miracles, this month is important for making time to be creative within the focus of higher consciousness. This month is ripe for getting out for that hike you were waiting to do, especially with others who are also of higher thought patterns. Contribute to community that search for conscious living. Remove or drastically reduce exposure to behaviors that are unkind. Do not let those with behaviors that feel bad to you have any of your power. No more. Turn off the TV. Develop steady and grounded movement and thought, seeing beautiful fall colors along your path.

Lets look at more fun ideas related to the number 10. In numerology, this number is all about new beginnings, new energy, new ideas, and fresh starts.

Chakras: Not having been taught much about chakras beyond the first six, learning about more has been fun and also making some sense. The 10th chakra is described in some sources as being about 12 inches below the surface of the earth as related to our bodies. It is a tether of sorts that keeps us connected to the energy of the earth. It is related to a sense of well being when accessed and has a relationship to our connection to all things on earth.

In other texts, the 10th chakra is located above the 9th chakra discussed from last month. In this case, it is called the solar chakra with a masculine energy available to remove old blocks and provide the power necessary to live your dreams.

Related to Kundalini: The number ten is about the Radiant body. The radiant body offers a sense of royal courage, creativity, nobility, and radiance. This is a fearless number among the 10 bodies. If it is strong it’s very powerful. If it is weakened, it offers a sense of ineffectiveness, shyness, and fearfulness… Balance requires a strong level of consciousness, service, and connectedness to a higher power.

Angel’s communicate in numbers and the number 10 is about infinity, optimism, confidence, empowerment, and enterprising. When you see sequences of 10, imagine finding joyful expression of prosperity that the angels want you to know are available to you. The angels want you to be with those who make you feel joyful, happy and prosperous.

Pythagoreans believed the number 10 to be holy. They developed the TETRAKTYS which is a series of ten pebbles lined up, looking like today’s bowling pins ready to go…

Tarot card: Wheel of Fortune is 10, and represents new cycle. See the common threads here? Really fun!!!

So for the month of October, be creative, find ways to be grounded, avoid vexing folks, hang out with higher conscious communities, and steadily find some fun.
Until November, stay well and breathe,