November: The Divine Month Within a Completion Year 2016

So here we are along this journey of life, deeply set into the month of divine inspiration and intervention (November). During this month of miracles we are shown another opportunity to pray and meditate for the highest good of all.

Prayer is asking for what you believe to be the most important insights and wisdom.
Meditation is the process for being still long enough to hear the answer to the prayer.

Now is the time, in this very volatile, emotional completion year of 2016, to sit back, be still, pray and meditate. Then let go long enough to realize the divine plan that is for the highest good of all concerned: man, woman, child, plant, animal, water, air, sky, earth. Imagine that there is a much bigger agenda awaiting our future than that which is caught up in so many unproductive words and deeds that distract us.
Be the steward, the steady adaptive self, the light worker for the best we can be or become.

Hold to what you believe is the very best and then be curious and grateful to receive even better than that.
Remember in the end, we are not in control of much more than our breath and our word, so let go and let God.
Take care with your words: you DO get what you ask for....

During this miraculous month, find family, friends, and community to give thanks. Move flexibly, tap into your higher selves, be kind, experience peace, and feel gratitude for a plan that is divinely determined with your prayerful input.
Happy and blessed Thanks-Giving.