November 2023: Gratitude and Grace

Who wants to think of gratitude with all that is going on in the world? Yet, as we imagine that despite the chaos, we do have lots of bits of amazing experiences to be grateful for throughout our days. Then projecting that kindness that comes from gratitude, out to the world, heal others.

What if this is true: Hurt People Hurt People and Healing People Heal People. (circa. 1959 minister). This saying gives pause to consider others’ distress and for us, to hope through compassion without judgment, for those suffering, no matter what side they are on, nor how different their ideologies. We have not lived in other’s shoes so we don’t really know why they make their choices. Grace provides peace.

How much of life is truly a mystery, and how much is actually a series of memories that we don’t want to see? It can be painful to feel deep emotions without any idea why they affect us so profoundly. Yet it is in the awareness of the roots of our own feelings that truly set us free.

The picture for this month is interesting. Who would have thought that a cactus could live with a pine tree in the cragginess of a rock, allowing both to thrive? Good teachers, nature!!!

What happens if despite the turmoil, we each develop a bubble or wave of gratitude that can then build up our own fearless boundaries and inner strength, then expand that energy by way of human heart coherence ( beyond the self to the world and beyond? That vibration will grow and change the world.

This month is an opportunity to embrace differences, come together in community whether large or small, let go (or at least set “stuff” on a shelf to gather dust) releasing the past paradigms that are now outdated.

It starts with gratitude this month. Start a daily journal, write in it daily and begin to count the number of items, even within the challenges, that are pearls of goodness, kindness and grace in our lives. Each writing, each day, will bring more of the same, knowing that what we sow, we reap, as my grandmother would say.
Have a very blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving month.