November 2022: Power vs Force: Linking to Infinitity

This is the 8 month, rolling around again to give us power to speak with heart for authentic change and also in preparation for an interesting 2023. What?
I just went to a concert, first time in who knows how long… Who was the talent on stage? None other than our Arizona native, Stevie Nicks.

So why is that important? Not only was it an amazing concert, it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on the turmoil of the 60’s, with the enormous transformations and revolutionary thought that migrated into more empowered generations that developed from those times. Stevie was very sweetly clear to remind us that “comes around-goes around” is a real thing.

Here we are, stuck with oppressive governmental/ societal norms, lacking in free will, discouraging self-empowerment, impressive suppression of dialogue and research despite all the advances in technology. This time, the generation who would be able to fight and make a stand in a way of the last go round, are instead sometimes feeling too shut down, unable or unwilling to do that dance.

Perhaps the hippies of the 1960’s will be needed again at their ages of 70’s something to remind us all of the history that rebuilt a broken system of the past. This month of 8 could carry that voice of empowerment for a new change.

So, this month, build a bit of compassionate conviction for the healing of this precious planet. Bring your heartfelt and passionate ideas toward a powerful action plan. Remember the past for what it REALLY was to appreciate potential strategies needed to rebuild in creative and innovative ways now.

And prepare for this next year: All about the voice, powerful words of awareness and healing with passion and heart.