November 2021: Stillness Within Community

Today is 11/11/2021 and I must say I always love seeing 11:11 on my clock in the evening when I should have been in bed already, or random sightings of this number that many call angelic numbers. I see that sequence and feel somehow protected. In any case, today according to many, is the beginning of 40 days of vast healing around the planet, many energetic upgrades, lots of powerful eclipse and moon strengths, and all leading up to winter solstice.
There is one trick though. This month is called a seven month and is the month to remind ourselves to sit with “being alone without being lonely”…. What does that look like when the holidays are fast approaching? Well knowing that we are never actually going back to good ol’ days, what can we do to bridge into the new world without losing ourselves and feeling disconnected? Ah ha….
For this month and into next month, it is very important to just take time to be still daily. Consider smaller gatherings and meeting less often than you might have in years past. Stay clear of media that has too many mis-messages anyway. Pledge to eat clean, non-polluted foods because you can! Remove yourself from big money enticement, deep pocket shopping, worrying about how everyone else might judge you when that is no longer relevant. This is a very blessed month all starting with an angelic reminder that you are actually never alone within the universe, and only lonely when you are feeling disconnected with yourself within the universe….
Many blessings for this month of vast expansion. Enjoy!!!