November 2020: Review and Renewal

On this week of Thanksgiving, I am always drawn to memories of my life and others who in so many ways contributed to shaping who I am. Not all good memories mind you, but certainly places of growth and no matter what, these relationships are interesting stories of the past whether they serve me NOW or not.
As these memories surface at this time, I am so grateful that I am able to find peace and kindness, community, and smiles throughout my life experiences.
I learned years ago, that the prefix “re“ added to so many words can be incorporated into a soothing and grateful memory when old patterns that no long serve me begin to bubble up. These “re” words have more and more meaning these days. So consider a “re“ word when you feel stuck in an emotion related to this month to begin our holidays within the new world we live in now.
Re-member: kindness that we are members of an all one collective of Human Beings
Re-mind: ourselves that our past holds gifts as well as challenges, so access the mind to steep in gratitude often
Re-view: that past with current eyes for vision and growth
Re-newal: time to embrace all these wild changes as a new chance for healing ourselves and the planet.
Re-juvenate: thinking of our youth through the lens of bringing back the youthful fun and laughter
Re-generative: repair of the earth as a way for human survival (see John Fullerton at
I hope genuinely that during this Thanksgiving time, we can all take pause, slow the breath and see so much beauty and kindness within our close family and our bigger communities. This moment of kindness and service found each day are the keys that open not only balance in our own lives but provide a shift to all in a wave of healing energy.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving, however you choose to celebrate and take note.
PS: This Sunday the 29th I am performing a gong and labyrinth walk at
I will also be presenting on December 5th at 10:00 am in an open forum on healing the whole self.
Then on Tuesday the 1st of December I will be speaking with other sound healers about the benefits of sound for health. That site is Please see the calendar drop down found on to sign up for any of these events.
PSS: I am attaching a repeat of the protocol (by popular request) for THE current high publicity illness as it has been shown to have very beneficial results in my practice:
Vitamin A supports immune system at the nasopharyngeal and gut mucous lining.
Vitamin A drops (animal based): 200,000 IU single bolus or 10,000 IU daily for 20 days done twice a year decreases the effect of viral exposure. And continue vitamin A for weeks post infection at lower doses.

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid and best if liposomal ascorbic acid (you can make yourself if you are chemistry inclined) and doses up to 1-2 grams daily in split doses throughout the day. Vitamin C is proven to disrupt the viral replication process, decreases duration and severity of viral illness. Enhanced scavenging effect of white cell count is significant with vitamin C. Vitamin C also recycles Glutathione in the cells, further strengthening the cells’ defense against the parasite.

Zinc if taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms may shorten the duration of the illness. Its role appears to be in the ability to improve mucous membrane integrity and offer a direct anti-viral effect on rhinovirus replication. (children 10 mg daily). Zinc also improves the cellular integrity to not allow viral replication.

Vitamin D: protection overall and accelerates white blood cell maturity. Short term high dose (140,000 IU) significantly increased frequency of the T cell replication and activity. Vitamin D showed improvement in autoimmune diseases. Taken in winter months: significantly reduced risk of upper respiratory illnesses. Vitamin D and Influenza-studies showing seasonal drop of Vitamin D can contribute to increase viral illnesses, most ‘at risk’ populations for influenza have lowest levels of Vit D (Nursing home residents).

Magnesium and Epsom salts prevent one of the toxins from pertussis, and possibly from other viral parasites, as well as calms the nervous system which allows the body to build its own defenses. Magnesium and Vitamin C together have been shown to limit the side effects of viral illness especially with the MTHFR pathway dysfunction. Methyl B vitamins help the pathway to allow better defense.

NAC and Vitamin C recycles glutathione. N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC inhibits viral replication & expression and acts as a mucolytic. At dose of 600mg 2x/day can help prevent viral illness and safe to take year around. To fight the flu or cold can go up to 2-3,000mg/day for several days. Very important for COPD patients. Increased levels of Glutathione in body are protective.

Acetaminophen depletes glutathione.
Ibuprofen decrease gut microbiome and decreases a major body defense.

Increase your minerals and electrolytes to support the cells - Minerals without sweeteners in water and broths are enormously beneficial. I recommend Phytomulti by Metagenics or multiple minerals in glass blue bottle from sprouts. Glass blue bottle and called Multiple Minerals.

Post infection A, D, C intake are important for a few weeks post infection to continue cell strength and integrity.