November 2019: The Month for Retrograde and Flexibility

Reading about mercury retrograde is always a curious thing for me. Even though I am a little uncertain, I take heed enough to be still and contemplate my world during those times. We have entered one of those months now, and it could be a very emotional month indeed.
This has been a “3” year (2+0+1+9, then 1+2) involving numerous opportunities, not only for wonderful and creative endeavors, but also a chance for way too many moments of overload and burn out as we choose ALL kinds of things to add to our must do lists.
So this month of November is very important as we enter the time of Mercury Retrograde. It is inviting us to either emotionally and perhaps REGRETABLY express our anger, rage, and hostility, or choose to sit back and consider our year of too many projects, gracefully observing, letting things flow and roll off our backs. This is the time for waiting for the bite of this Retrograde to pass, some time at the end of November.
So what to do while surrendering to the outward appearance of chaos? A beneficial part of this November is to remind us, while we are waiting, to remain flexible and particularly conscious of our health both mentally and physically. Now is a great time for yoga to stretch, and breathing meditations to remain calm.
When was the last time you had a massage? Great chance now, especially a massage that directly affects the fascia, that sticky stuff between muscles that makes us physically inflexible from overuse and trauma. Attached is a great YouTube video, very much worth watching, to understand how important stretching is for your health: The Fuzz Speech by Gil Hedley ``Fascia and stretching``
Here are more hints on stretching to check out. Veronika Campbell offers her videos for me to pass on from her YouTube series on stretches as long as you use good judgment and be kind to yourself:
So what else for physical flexibility? Ever try a foam roller? Here is a pretty good explanation from REI: › Expert Advice › Fitness › Cross-Training
Breathing and meditation are of course the best for our emotional health, especially this month as crazy behaviors surround us; like seeing the headlights of the car behind you, SO EXTREMELY CLOSE for no logical reason??? I have lots of very calm yoga music playing in my car at all times these days.
Attached is one of many meditations that have been designed to help us during these current stressful times. Try this one, it is not like any other meditations you have attempted:
Here is another interesting meditation to check out:
Or try any meditations found on website under meditations and kriyas.
So enjoy family, friends, fun, and laughter, taking nothing seriously while planning Thanksgiving in a calm and collaborative sort of way this year. Stretch, breathe, move to music, listen to music, take your time, be conscious, and invest in your physical self and emotional self through movement and meditation.
Have a peaceful Thanksgiving and November Retrograde!