November 2018 and the Amazing Number 11.

Here we are in November 2018, and in some areas the weather is gearing up for winter while the southwest takes a big sigh and is bathed by cool air and warm sun at the same time. The colors have come and gone to most of the high country, and yet the roses, bougainvillea, lantana, sage, desert marigold, crepe myrtle, Pistache tree leaves and berries, and cape honeysuckle are all beckoning monarch butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere to enjoy color.
So begins the discussion about the 11th month in the 11th year of miracles, 2018. We begin with the 11th month from a numbers perspective. The number itself describes grand partnership on all levels. A wonderful time to meet up with friends, heal wounds, perhaps one at a time. Be outside quietly with nature and the universal power and strength that grounds us. The number 11 denotes spirituality and communion with higher self and the higher self of others.
This month in numerology, actually translates as a time to set the thoughts and ideas of past months into potential plans geared for 2019. This month is an energetic month, guided by the highest good of you and of others, based on your communication with heart and higher power/ spirit.
The extension of chakra discussion describes the 11th chakra as found outside of the body and accessed through the hands and feet. This chakra is valuable for focusing on the mind and the power of thought. What we think and say is our reality and we are able to change our perception of reality through our hands, feet, and mind.
My friend, Ellen and I have had recent discussions on this topic of thought as the meaning of life. Our thoughts and what we choose to think about is how our world is created every moment. The thoughts we give energy to, ruminate about, transform with, be uplifted by (or not), all first come from our own mind as related to that still small voice within and made aware by our own consciousness.
Yogi Bhajan spoke about the mind and thought stating that we each have over a1000 thoughts per second and it is up to us to pick and choose our thoughts. He spoke of not being fearful/blocking of our thoughts but instead looking at our thoughts through the lens of protection, then projection and then through neutrality for manifestation.
Discussing the previous 10 bodies in Kundalini, the 11th body is the accumulation of all the 10 bodies in divine vision, and seeing God in all, including in ourselves.
Angel workers all love 11, as in 11:11 on your phone or clock for instance. It is a message to pay attention to thoughts, it is a representation of divinity, higher awareness, conscious living, and a reminder to use intuition to guide more often.
In the bible, 11 depicts change or rebellion. Tarot shows the 11 card as denoting balance and justice. WWI ended at the 11th hour of November 11. Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
This Veteran’s day is 11/11. It is interesting that the power of this 11 number and the responsibility of our thought to see the highest good reminds us to use our thoughts to imagine, visualize, pray, meditate on the peace that is possible and the peacemakers/peacekeepers being our choice for military training and use. Perhaps we can be the light as we see such a thought on this 11th month of 2018.
Have a blessed day of Giving Thanks knowing we can choose our thoughts on this Thanksgiving holiday.