The Month of May, 2016

Here we are in May with hints of summer weather alternating with reminders of the cooler months.
This is the month to finish clearing the unused or not needed goods around the home. Last minute weeding? I know that is my nemesis.
This is the month for being emotionally and especially physically active, flexible, and agile.
While planning the summer events, begin now to implement some of the physical and mental changes while the weather is more tolerable.
Get out now while the environment is warming up as this allows the body to acclimate to the inevitable summer temperatures later.
Ready yourself for tentative plans for the summer knowing that this is the year that plans will certainly change. That suspension of attaching to the outcome allows for an increase in your overall agility and flexiblity to face the summer with gusto!
Join in on a soft yogic breathing technique, stretching and the vibration of the symphony of the gong.