May 2023: Creative Possibilities

This month of May has been an interesting blend of expansion and contraction it seems. We could have been drawn to really creative ideas only to feel overwhelmed when too many choices appeared. It seems that being a team player this month may have been conflicting with our personal boundaries with so much busy-ness to distract us.

Perhaps the “gung ho” energy of getting out to make things happen was dampened a bit by mercury retrograde and so many solar flares and eclipses? Or maybe it is just the jumpy restart of imagining new ideas after the crush of creativity over the last few years.

This is still a great month to once again be the observer and ground in nature. The native flowers from earlier in the month have given way to a dry and brown appearance in the desert, but a new beauty shows up to the observant.

What curious or intuitive ideas could be appearing in the sounds of nature. As the temperature warms up, we can find new times to explore, like early morning adventures or watching a sunset at a mountain nearby.

I hope the rest of your May is loaded with great community and fun adventures. I hope your to do list suddenly becomes manageable as mine just did… Please, remember to give a moment to those who are on the other side of the veil, keeping them close in memory.

In wellness,