May 2022: Miracles Await

Connecting to Universal Intelligence during this month is very important at this time. This is the month of miracles and it begins with self-reflection. Maybe you feel a sense of time warp happening? I’m never sure what Mercury retrograde really means, but it seems to be fairly well accepted that it is a time to slow down and consider everything quietly rather than pushing through defiantly without thought.
Time to check in with our higher selves and remember who we are in solidarity as human beings. What evaluation of self and society can be done right now? This miracle month, with its vast energy through planetary changes, eclipses, solar flares… can provide the momentum needed to move us forward in our path in the Aquarian era.
Time to let go of the anxiety and social panic that causes us to scapegoat others for daring to have a different belief. Diversity is mandatory for our very survival. The homogenous belief structure of “I am right and you are wrong” will take us all down. We are seeing this happen before our eyes as the divide continues regarding health, immunity, nature (especially nature).
This month is a time for fearlessly resetting our purpose, redefining our humanity and remembering our relationship to the universe and to the natural world.
Watch now as we learn what our physical bodies really crave for in sustenance, what our emotional bodies need to gain confidence, what our mental bodies search for in transparency of information, how our spiritual bodies guide us in search for universal truth.
All these aspects of our whole selves have been entirely hijacked over the last years. All the assaults on these aspects of our selves have clearly affected our ability to combat the effects of chronic and actually acute illnesses. Now we are given an opportunity to reflect and reboot. So breathe.
For now, start by looking to clean and simple foods without additives. If you can’t understand what the ingredients are that you are consuming, why consume them? Read labels all the time. Why take for granted that processed foods are good for our health and immune systems when it is clear that simple foods close to nature have worked well for us forever without all those chemicals.
Look up or to see that an incredibly vast knowledge base exists regarding nurturing our bodies as we nurture nature itself. Be aware and observant about how many ways nature heals us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It just makes sense.
Be Well through moments of quiet reflection in this Miraculous month of May.