May 2020: The Month for Mother's Love and Patience

This month may be most frustrating as we begin to move into action only to be stalled and put on pause. If seen from an energetic perspective, we are given bonus moments to be still, breathe slowly through the nose, expand the diaphragm and search within for the sparks of light, those moments of gratitude. Not such an easy task as we are all struggling with so much change, grief, and burden during this global shift in awareness.

What have you been gifted with that would not be possible normally? More quality time with kids, parents, or neighbors? More peaceful time at home? Clean a closet? Express an artistic talent? Garden? Contemplate what the next decade of life will look like?

What do you really want? Do you want to go back to that workplace that was not meeting your needs? Do you really want to ignore the planet and the abuse upon it? Do you really need to eat food with ingredients on the labels that you cannot understand? Are you ready yet to learn more about or move on from a relationship that is not in your highest good?

Consider avoiding the feelings and the behaviors that divide, and remember a most important thought: That which you put your attention to: GROWS. And here is our chance to plant the seeds that we want moving forward.

So here we are at Mother’s day. A day of acknowledgment for all nurturers whether we birth children, and/or aide in the healing of others and of the planet by teaching, being, loving, giving, receiving. Whether our children or our charges are nearby, or passed on to the other side, the love of a Mother never ends. Blessings to all who nurture.

And of course, it is important to include our planet in this discussion. I have a friend named Tera who has a clear and consistent connection with angels and energy ( She recently taught me a very important concept. What we think of as mother earth is an outdated and exhausting term.

We are adults now in our understanding of the care and nurturing needed for our planet, so we don’t need to wait for the planet (as the mother), to step in and fix things for us. Instead, we are able to act as adults in this context, and have an equal responsibility with the earth, therefore connect as a partner now. And as a partner, we can now feel better guided to own our power to protect our relationship with our friend the earth. Now we can nurture each other, what an amazing opportunity.

So, pick a piece of nurturing with our partner earth. Clean water? Clean food? Clean Air? How about a commitment to keep your bodies as healthy and inflammation free as possible through clean and definable nutrients from the earth? Good sleep? Vitamin D from the sun? Supplements that enhance our cellular strength under severe stress right now? And did I say breathe?

Welcome to our new and enhanced opportunity for partnership with ourselves, each other and with earth. Our greatest hope is with this collaboration. See the spark of light in everything and everyone around you, even if for just a moment, or during your meditation. Then watch that feeling grow. It is our highest and healing Mother-Love way!
Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to all!