March, A Most Flower-filled 2019

March 2019 shows us as many showers of color as last month showed white everywhere. This month we see rebirth, regrowth in so much green, color, and freshness in our southwest.

This month I choose to discuss a block to healing: fear. As I was clearing out vast amounts of weeds in my yard, I fell. I fell hard, and have had time to pause and think about that. As I lay there, analyzing each body part for possible problems, bones, blood, consciousness, movement, I realized that I had nothing permanent, nothing broken, all systems go…. But slowly.

I had almost exclusively hit my face and head. I waited with gratitude that I was conscious, and then got up and started with ice packs. It took awhile for bleeding to stop, throbbing to back off, tightness to set in, and awareness of the whole thing to manifest.

My point is that I am fortunate to be very adept at self-analysis. What if I didn’t have years of ER and nursing experience? How much more frightening that experience might have been? What would I have done with this scenario with fear as my guide? Having knowledge has some advantages, but also lends to denial in some ways. I clearly suffered from a concussion although no loss of consciousness. Thick and slow thinking, I continued on.

So fear can be motivating, too much knowledge can be dangerous, and it takes a circle of trusted healers to make sense of it all. My circle of healers included those who could provide gentle manipulation of my head, neck, chest, back, face, and arms.. As well as confirm that my self-analysis was correct!

There is certainly a place for emergency rooms, medicines, lab work, surgeries, and radiology departments in order to find out more about our bodies in crisis. Perhaps though, those places are not as good at actually healing. Even so, they can lead to the beginning of healing by decreasing fear through analysis, fixing and repairing what they can. With fear at bay, we then can start the journey to truly healing.

What if we choose fear as the primary motivation to seek healing? I venture to say our healing process is slowed significantly. Our bodies are geared for assessment of fear and safety, it is our reptilian heritage and very valuable a times. However it can trap us in a circle of false trust for a modality of medicine that keeps us in that fear for many reasons. Not so healing there.

After the initial analysis, I recommend finding your team of healers, fearless and knowledgeable to help calm the nervous system, calm the fear and allow the body to heal. Acupuncture, manipulation, Reiki, cranio-sacral manipulation, homeopathy, massage, energy work. All ways to add to healing by letting fear go.

Please pause, take time to smell the fresh spring, and now that March has moved on, welcome to April.