March 2024: Inspiration in Action

Here we are at the end of March, a very active and energizing kind of month. I write at the last day, last hour of the month, why? This month has been in some ways quite turbulent. But not necessarily from the outside but instead from a deep voice of knowing within.

I understand that these times are empowering and transformational. I am very fortunate to be alive now to witness what I believe is the threshold of an entirely fresh and upgraded side of humanity. I feel that I have spent much of my life teaching, learning, being a mirror for the best forms of the human experience. Not always succeeding of course, not without kicking and screaming through the frustrations and challenges…

And now it is time to pause, step back to see the miracles of life unfold. The beginning of awakening to what the world is morphing into, the awareness of humanity to the unnecessary destruction of nature, water, air, each other, and knowing that those old patterns are not necessary to thrive moving forward.

So here has been my stall on this month’s blog. What do I do now? If am to be the observer, what do I do? The answer is to do nothing just yet. To wait, to hold energy, to see the spark in every living thing, to embrace the silence of the mind.

This month has been a month of divinely determined miracles along with the calling to act just as this whole year is about action. There is the conflict. What do I do? I be.

I hope you had a powerfully thoughtful month of March, and ready to lighten your burdens a bit for April coming right up.
Blessings to all in this month of miracles and divine empowerment.