March 2023: Potential Unlimited but Wait?

This March is about everything new. Well, who knew how turbulent NEW might look.

This March brings a potential fresh start. So, at the beginning of this month, I figured there was no stopping us now, and it was time to just go for it, whatever “go for it” meant. I felt the need to manifest! Everything! New! Now!

I attempted numerous times to write about this month with all the hope and inspiration that new things bring… but whew!!! Each attempt at putting things down seemed tired, affected, weary. Even the original choice of picture was no fun….

Well, sooo many things, ideas, plans just did not work this month because the basic foundation had not been placed. Because the swirl of the universal energy has its own timeline, my plans of good intention did not always coincide with the energy shifting master plan….

I thought that the wonderful, energetic potential of starting new things meant developing great lists with lots of intention associated with those goals, which of course, quickly became extremely overwhelming as the universe seemed to have a different kind of variety set up for these plans.

It is true that this month is a great opportunity to manifest fresh ideas, concepts, with new energy, new life. Yet, as I witness the world still broken on many levels, I become increasingly more aware of what needs fixing. And making too many changes personally while so much turmoil continues, begins to feel very much like driving with one foot on the brake and one on the gas at the same time.

Adding the conflicting emotions of personal growth as we are all bombarded with planetary changes, alignments, and sun flares, I have concluded that as this month ends, that I was very much in need of shutting down quite a bit. With plenty of tears and with the help of my community and people, I realize that going within, being still, especially giving myself some slack, are the paramount steps to jumping into new territory.

This is a fabulous month of March, almost over, and is flowered with lots of potential, but what I have learned is to think about things more, feel about things more, and consider before jumping into the free fall. I am imagining this free fall to be slower, perhaps with a parachute, and with changes that do not have to happen all NOW.

So, keep the wheels turning while still giving time for pause and allowing that swirly path which brings joy. And have a sense of self forgiveness and grace (that means me too), so that those new projects and plans will shine back with brilliance.