March 2022: A Time for Reflection and Closure

March is considered a nine month in numerology as written by Sangeet. By adding this month (3) to the year of 2022. (6), we come up with the number 9. This is the month to pause and review all that has been learned. It is a time to consolidate those lessons, and reflect.
In our exhaustion over the past two years, it is very tempting to shut everything down, and this month represents those feelings of closure. Well, at least that has been my experience as I worked with writing this month’s blog.
Through all the turmoil and loss that we have endured on so many levels, it is now time to notice with curiosity, how nature has once again saved the day. Where would we be without nature and natural immunity to remind us again that we are not so much overlords of nature but instead we are partners.
As the frenzy of media takes a small break from viral domination, we are left with a moment to step back, mourn our many challenges, and allow some things that have seduced us over the last two years to now take back stage. Take time to be still and remember who you are.
Don’t allow the spring time to go unrevealed with its colorful flowers living among the rocky terrain of our lives. New growth is budding.
Rekindle humor and laughter as we allow ourselves to gracefully close a chapter surrounded by fear. Now breathe long, slow breaths in gratitude for the air we breathe, the beauty surrounding us, and the colors of life that offer joy. Gift yourself a dedicated time each day for this pause and reboot outdoors.