March 2021: Active Balancing with the Breath

I notice that so many do not trust the health of their bodies, emotions, spirits, minds. Looking outside ourselves for answers gives us information that does not quite make sense so we question our minds.

We are getting bombarded with information that reminds us that our bodies are somehow flawed and need outside technology / treatments to be whole. Therefore, we don’t trust our bodies to be strong and heal.

One year later, with so much mixed messaging, we are now struggling with our emotional and spiritual potential and consciousness. Familiar life is not working anymore so that causes stress and anxiety and insomnia. Now we question ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

When we are led to believe that the answer to greater wellbeing is found outside of ourselves, then we are following a pattern that is old and outdated. A pill for that is not and really never was the answer.

We have passed a tipping point in our evolution and consciousness as the air element of the Aquarian times are at hand and still, we swirl from the monumentally rapid changes of 2020 which leaves us confused even more.

For March, we enter a very fast moving and intense time energetically. Imagine the physical body as a microcosm of the macrocosm or our outside world. Observe weather patterns, sun spots, earth movement, wind patterns and we can get clues about our physical selves.

We will find balance this month as we appreciate again that our physical bodies are innately whole communicators for the rest of our aspects of self: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Key to this month of March is to take action by listening to your physical body and allow this part of yourself come into sync and balance with all parts of you and all you have been trying to learn over last year.

Remember to place your value of self-care on your daily calendar like a daily appointment with yourself: What time each day is for your physical body? The Four-part breath has always been my favorite although there are so many options out there. See for breath work ideas.

What time each day will you commit to flexibility and balance? Tai Chi? Yoga? Stretching exercises? Workout? Be mindful of your physical needs every single day. Take time to meditate. Look up Circadian Health to plan your day for balance. The more breath work (pranayama) and the more flexibility you can focus on at this time, then the more balance and wellbeing you will enjoy for all aspects of you: physically mentally, emotionally, spiritually.