March 2020: The Month of Self Doubt and Accessing the Neutral Mind

I originally started this month’s blog with a warm wish for International Day of Women and then so much of the planetary fear has left me in confusion and worry, so I have been slow to write until I could become clearer. I have often given presentations on the mind, the facets and the negative/ positive/ neutral mind with tools on how to get there. Like everyone, all my thoughts start with the negative or discerning mind regarding safety and survival. All initial thoughts must start there and this month has been no exception for me. It has taken me awhile to see that part of my reality and look deeper for meaning.

The next phase of the mind is the positive mind which is neither good nor bad, just a coping skill. It belongs to the thoughts of denial, charge on, what action can be taken, is there a silver lining, perhaps what comfort is there in cleaning the house or taking a hike??? It provides us a sense of security and has lots to do with coping skills of our youth and of our ancestry.
Finally, with practice comes the neutral mind of “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. This area of the brain is non-reactive, flexible, adaptive and accesses the universal intelligence and higher self. It is here that we heal on all levels. And the most assessable route to get there is well researched through meditation with slowed breath in and out through the nose, holding breath with the shoulders down, calming the nervous body with purpose, focusing on the flow of the breath. This is a shift that happens through a part of the brain called the cingulate gyrus that is the gateway to the prefrontal cortex. AHHHH.
All of this calms the autonomic nervous system allowing food to be digested, rest to occur, rejuvenation, better and higher-level thinking (less need for toilet paper). So, meditate for access to deeper knowing and for gratitude, it really does work. This does not change the circumstance surrounding us, but helps the body’s immune system be in a better state to combat any physical or emotional threat.
Consider this practice two times per day instead of the constant hypnosis of the television. Go for walks, as this can be very meditative. Access your higher consciousness if even for a moment at a time, with access to your own internal message that is just for you, and do this often during the day and before sleep so the replay in your brain can have a different spin.

Ask your higher-self, God, Universe/ Intelligence/ … what is the message for today, what does it take to heal this planet right now, what steps does it take? What could be cleaned up right now, how can I serve? What can I see, hear, feel that offers a sense of gratitude for today?
Many Blessings in Light!
PS: Below is my presentation on immunity for those interested in some other tips to stay in prevention mode and proactive in health right now.

Virus and Ways to Stay Healthy
Kathleen B. Rickard, DNP-C, FNP-C
What is a virus? A microscopic parasite that requires a host cell to survive. Very tiny and different from bacteria, these microorganisms that carry either DNA OR RNA and a protein coating, can only replicate (copy itself) within a host cell. They can not reproduce outside the host because they lack the complexity of the cell itself. Once in the cell, the host allows the virus to produce RNA from that cell’s DNA. Then this parasite builds proteins based on the new RNA message. Meanwhile the virus with the now available RNA information develops a protective layer within the cell that the cell itself cannot destroy. Sometimes a second protective layer is produced called an envelope. The role of the virus is to deliver its DNA or RNA into the host cell so that its genetic information can be spread by the host cell.

The virus must first gain access into the body that has host cells. This is done through the respiratory, gut, or broken skin sites. Sometimes insects provide the break in the skin barrier. Some virus can replicate in both insect and host cells such as in the case of yellow fever, and dengue fever.

The Virus then attaches itself to the host cell surface. It then moves along the outer membrane of the cell. Some virus fuse with the membrane and push through using an envelope (HIV). Others are engulfed by the cell (influenza). Yet others burrow through the membrane (polio).
Once in the cell, the virus releases its genes, and disrupts or hijacks part of the cell energy. The virus directs the host cell to produce viral proteins, then creating conditions that allow the virus to spread, by way of mucous membranes, GI tract, respiratory system.

The Body’s Internal Defense
Physical barrier such as fatty acids, enzymes, mucus secretion, acidity of stomach lining and a healthy microbiome in the gut all keep these parasitic virus’ contained.

Innate immunity is a second barrier of the immune system cells such as NK cells, cytokines, macrophages. White blood cells consist of Macrophages, B – lymphocytes, and T lymphocytes.
Macrophages clean up invaders and the cells they destroyed. They leave behind bits of the invader in the form of antigens so the body can recognize the culprit in the future.

B –lymphocytes are white cells that produce antibodies to attack any invader antigens found.
T-lymphocytes attack the cells of the body that have already been infected. These cells are called the memory cells that serve as reminders if the invader returns.

Vaccines are forms of antigens, that when injected, sounds the alert to produce antibodies and long-term memory T-lymphocytes so that the disease itself will be rapidly recognized and extinguished before it takes over. The ever-changing virus makes vaccines challenging.

Problems with Internal Defense
Nutrient depletion leaves the cells less robust and allows the virus to more readily enter the cell.
The Gut inflammation from the standard American diet decreases the healthy microbiome and does not allow the gut to absorb enough powerful minerals and nutrients. This overwhelms the immune system as a baseline, likely delaying the internal defense.

Vitamin deficiencies, smoking, Tylenol use, ibuprofen use, genes such as MTHFR and COMT, fatigue, stress, sympathetic overdrive are major deterrents for the body’s innate ability to build and maintain its own healing mechanisms.

Defense against Virus
Passive immunity from mom until 6-12 months and is enhanced with breast feeding and skin to skin contact.
No exposure to tobacco gives the best chance for the mucous lining of lungs to provide a vital layer of protection.
Avoid all inflaming foods: soda, diet soda, sugar, refined carbs, “junk” foods that distract the body from seeing the parasitic virus before it has had a chance to overwhelm the cells causing a reaction.

Know MTHFR and COMT status: this digestion pathway dysfunction affects the detoxification process. More of the methylation is needed in this case:

Methyl folate, methyl b 12, and glutathione in the form of NAC are very important for the strength of the healthy cell.
Lots of dark green veggies, smoothies, green food pouches for kids.
Beneficial fats such as omega 3 fatty acids, fatty vegetables such as coconut and avocado, flax, sesame, olive oils keep the integrity of the cell wall healthy and strong.

Increase your minerals and electrolytes to support the cells - Minerals without sweeteners in water and broths are enormously beneficial. I recommend Phytomulti by Metagenics or multiple minerals in glass blue bottle from sprouts. Glass bottle and called Multiple Minerals…..

Vitamin A supports immune system at the nasopharyngeal and gut mucous lining.
Vitamin A drops (animal based): 200,000 IU single bolus or 10,000 IU daily for 20 days done twice a year decreases the effect of viral exposure. And continue vitamin A for weeks post infection at lower doses.

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid and best if liposomal ascorbic acid (you can make yourself if you are chemistry inclined) and doses up to 1-2 grams daily in split doses throughout the day. Vitamin C is proven to disrupt the viral replication process, decreases duration and severity of viral illness. Enhanced scavenging effect of white cell count is significant with vitamin C. Vitamin C also recycles Glutathione in the cells, further strengthening the cells’ defense against the parasite.

Zinc if taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms may shorten the duration of the illness. Its role appears to be in the ability to improve mucous membrane integrity and offer a direct anti-viral effect on rhinovirus replication. (children 10 mg daily). Zinc also improves the cellular integrity to not allow viral replication.

Vitamin D: protection overall and accelerates white blood cell maturity. Short term high dose (140,000 IU) significantly increased frequency of the T cell replication and activity. Vitamin D showed improvement in autoimmune diseases. Taken in winter months: significantly reduced risk of upper respiratory illnesses. Vitamin D and Influenza-studies showing seasonal drop of Vitamin D can contribute to increase viral illnesses, most ‘at risk’ populations for influenza have lowest levels of Vit D (Nursing home residents).

Magnesium and Epsom salts prevent one of the toxins from pertussis, and possibly from other viral parasites, as well as calms the nervous system which allows the body to build its own defenses. Magnesium and Vitamin C together have been shown to limit the side effects of viral illness especially with the MTHFR pathway dysfunction. Methyl B vitamins help the pathway to allow better defense.

NAC and Vitamin C recycles glutathione. N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC inhibits viral replication & expression and acts as a mucolytic. At dose of 600mg 2x/day can help prevent viral illness and safe to take year around. To fight the flu or cold can go up to 2-3,000mg/day for several days. Very important for COPD patients. Increased levels of Glutathione in body are protective.

Acetaminophen depletes glutathione.
Ibuprofen decrease gut microbiome and decreases a major body defense.

Post infection A, D, C intake are important for a few weeks post infection to continue cell strength and integrity.