Magical Month of May, 2021

This month is noted as the month of new beginnings in this transformational year of 2021. Have you noticed that ideas appear very clearly but then seem to be fleeting? Do you see the tip of a creative new you, that suddenly retreats back into the shadows? That feels like confusion but is really samplings of what we can do with our thoughts and beliefs.

We have arrived at the new era we have been hoping for but it can not be fully embraced without seeing the beasts and frustrations surface all around us. Is it possible to learn to not embrace the drama and fear? Can we observe with getting too caught up in the bantering and bless all scenes presented to us? Will we finally see the spark in all as we all struggle to redefine our courage, renewed identity, and empowerment?

So ,what is the key for this month? A marvelous healer by the name of Tera gave me very clear instruction: Be Still! As in STOP and lay on the floor EVERY DAY and watch the fan turn around while asking, “what do I want?’ Nothing forced, nothing pressured. Just a dedicated gap in the day to reflect, and be completely open to be able to receive. Different from meditation and prayer, just practicing presence and BREATH.

We have an amazing full moon and lunar eclipse tonight. Go outside and get a nice ‘bath’ of that lovely light that is guiding us forward into our era of higher vibration.

If you get to this message in time, consider joining me TONIGHT with a gong bath under the full moon including a labyrinth walk at 8 pm at Sign up by going to the website

Also ,Tera is offering a meditation at 6 pm tonight to any interested in community and participation. That is tonight at 6 pm. I will be at both: Her website to sign up for this, open to the public, meditation in this most powerful full moon is:

Blessings, have a safe and relaxing memorial weekend.