June: the month of play

Welcome to June, 2016.

This certainly seems like year for changes and inconsistencies.
What does this month offer?

What if this is the month to step back and support some real breaks in the day or weeks rather than putting our bodies under so much stress that it screams out in an unhealthy way to slow down?

Could that be the root of dis-ease? The body forcing action when our minds won't choose to take a break?

This is the month of kindness in word and deed.
Consider a good detox, build the immune system, jump in the water to ground, speak kindly with the highest values and integrity always in mind, give a hug.

Like the deer I found in Sedona just watching, observing me, find peace and stillness, comfort, and protection with your surroundings.

This Wednesday only, the first day of June is free yoga at 6pm. No fee, just show up for a peaceful breathing, yoga, and gong experience..