June 2023: Boxes as Stairs or Traps

This June is about boxes: Do you want to be stuck in one of yours, measuring the four corners, making everything is tidy and in control, while the world is changing and expanding so fast? Or are you ready to appreciate the value of that box for being an organized, contained item, and still expand beyond its borders, using curiosity and creativity as a ‘step’ up for flexibility in your life and vision?

This month of June 2023 celebrates summer with get-away travel, unusual weather, increase in solar flares, (most recent June 20th), increasing frequencies of the Schumann’s resonance (earth vibration) which is affecting our autonomic nervous system, and crazy media being so absurd as to finally and so obviously make no sense. See bottom of this blog for some fun references.

First step toward greater peace is to gather your strong brain cells and turn off the TV and get outside. If you think that you must stay informed, ask yourself why and what source are you seeing that is factual enough to help you in your growth? What do you think is your duty or obligation to stay informed in a swirl of jibberish that keeps us in reactive fight/flight mode? What is it you are attempting to control by watching the “boob-tube” as my family used to say? During my work day, I am very often known to repeat, “trying to control what you can NOT control is the definition of anxiety”.

If this year brings doubt in your ability to be self-aware and feel well because of outside forces dictating how you can think, then now is certainly time to use your brain today to validate your own personal power. Where does that resource of finding person power come from? Follow your emotions in the direction of feeling good. What?

Emotions are the super power of the human experience. We can’t actually change the forces of the earth, sun, and stars, but we can check in with our emotions to validate that we are following our most sacred and passionate path in life.

Start with continuing to develop a neutral mind through quiet and soft diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, prayer (including listening to the answer of your plea), nurturing true compassion for others’ journeys even if we don’t agree, remembering a point of gratitude, and listening to the stillness every day. That sets the stage for recognizing the emotions that will guide us forward on our destined path.

We were given so many tools of life as children. So right or wrong, good or bad, we do have resources of resilience. After being in a quiet neutral place, consider what feels right and good for the next step in the day given all our knowledge and history.

Asking questions in curiosity after stillness and gratitude, will always provide a clue. What brings you joy, what makes your eyes shine, what provides a smile? What feels motivating and exhilarating? Put those items in your box, bringing them out daily to manifest. AND GO THERE.

For sure all these changes in our universe are for higher energetic healing, stronger personal power and awareness, lovely potential. It is our mental choice, SO which world do we want to live in now? The new and lovely earth is ours to behold.