June 2022: Creative Consciousness

In considering the discussion about this month, the recent and actually ongoing and shockingly dramatic events in the world make it challenging to be hopeful sometimes. It is understood in higher level thinking circles that this breakdown around us is important, even imperative, to the rebuilding and healing of our lives, communities, awareness of self, and our planet. That awareness does not always seem to be available as we grieve and worry about our planet in so many ways.
So here we are in a 3 month, a month to give us some pause and hope. The three month (6,2,0,2,2) gives us permission to stop for a moment, suspend all the worries for just a bit. Instead we can breathe deeply, and laugh, play, create, build community, show others a smile, and clearly step aside from the drumming din on media.
It is important to give ourselves the chance to reach in to that peaceful place in our souls and remember the joy resonating deep inside. And now bring that idea outward and just think about it. Don’t bother bringing in too many tasks, that will quickly feel overwhelming. Just one or two of these loving ideas is just right to dream about and begin to plan.
The picture this month is a photo of my grandmother. This picture, dating more than 100 years ago, with that softly smiling, slightly mischievous little girl who became my grandmother, tells a wonderful story of imagination, joy, community, gentleness, hope, love, and kindness. And if you consider that this was the “good ol’ days”, you may not recall how difficult those times actually were. And of course, there is no going back, but we can take a moment or two or three in this month to see that hope and the very human-ness of our existence, no matter what era, is still available to us as it was then.
Much of our decision making at this time and our future is dependent on this hope. And it starts with stepping back to redefine ourselves. Perhaps one tool to begin thinking of our future with play and hope could be found here: The three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought: By Sydney Banks
In Kindness,
PS: Sangeet will be holding a meditation and will be playing the gong for the full moon Tuesday the 14th at 6:00 pm at our new medical office at 11209 N. Tatum Blvd #160 Phoenix