June 2021: Miracles Await Us

This is the 11 month in the yogic version of numerology, within the 5 year of 2021, carrying the gift of 3. The key is knowing what the numbers themselves represent. I like to think the numbers and their gifts offer some guidance and hope for each month.
This month, the 11 month, is considered a time for miracles to occur. This month opens a gate to more advanced awareness and tapping into quantum energy and healing. Now we have the ability to not only perceive but to receive information from our higher selves and to put that into action. When we become still, we can become clear about what we want. Energy and nature always seem to expand once intention is applied. If we hold that intention with the will to serve and heal, then true miracles do occur. More quickly than ever before as we move into the Aquarian era. Service allows us to know our selves, provide peace, kindness and hope.
Right now, we have a gift of 3, enhancing our creative capacity to help. What does it take to choose peace and hope while simply making disharmony obsolete and unnecessary? That is a different feeling than “my side vs your side”. It is just seeing through the fog without resistance, and refusing to feed that which is not of the highest good.
So, during this 5 month of flexibility, grounding, and physical body care, please get out there and stretch, breathe, encourage, move, find joy, seek peace, advocate the health of the earth and its resources. Clearly, what you put your energy into this month will flourish, so take good care what you wish for!!!!!