June 2020: The Month of New

Have you ever felt sometimes that life is moving too fast while in slow motion? That has somehow been my experience this month. I am late to post this blog because it has seemed to be extraordinarily challenging to stay grounded. This is/ was a month for the reset: do we go, do we stay, which direction? As Sangeet would say, this has been a month for courage. And the way through this month has been service.
Service to self is paramount, and I am the first to admit that I forget that little tidbit.
So, what is needed is presented, whether I am ready or not.
In my case, my dog decided to attach her “dog sister”, why? I learned during a recent meditation that perhaps I refused to slow down enough so I was faced with something that would be certainly gaining my attention. I get it.
And I also had an opportunity to learn about ayurvedic concepts of sleep by the earth’s clock. Our cells are already tuned up for waking doing things by the sun. The moon, the stars, the seasons, the tides, and many other rhythms of the earth are also in play but the circadian clock of the sun is a guide to optimum health.
So, I am trying a couple things based on Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, director of Ayurvedic Healing
Wake up without alarm and with the sun.
Exercise briskly, even if short burst, before food and after a big glass of water.
Don’t be in a rush for food in the morning (intermittent fasting).
Last intake of any food is 7pm.
Melatonin starts kicking in about 9pm so limit any electronics: remove blue light for sure.
Bed by 11pm in very dark and cool (cave) room.
We live crazy busy lives for the accolades given in our society for being BUSY. Hard to grow in self develop while we spend our lives pleasing the outside world so much and proving to everyone how valuable we are.
On June 30th, I will have completed the 5th daily meditation lasting 1000 (thousand) days consecutively. That is for me, I am grateful that helps me.
Blessings to all on your journey: take time to slow, breathe, imagine what you do want with joy and gratitude.
PS: Beginning in July: I will provide energy healing as a one hour appointment at my workplace using insurance. This work incorporates Reiki, hands on healing, reconnective healing, satnam rasayan, visceral manipulation, neuro-manipultion and begins with listening to the body for cue to what it wants…. This process is very calming, and peaceful.
We will be bill your medical insurance as a prolonged visit based on time: If you are not an established patient at Essential Family Health and Wellness, I will be working after hours, without insurance, as well by appointment for a fee of $150.00. That is about what most insurances pay for this hour-long prolonged visit appointment.
See the address at my website: www.healgracefully.com