June 2019: Welcome Summer

Here we are in June, official summer, offering a bit of a scattered feeling and perhaps more energized month to get out on an adventure. This is the month that celebrates the longest day of the year, solstice. It is also the month of Father’s day with the values we place on fatherhood. In Chinese medicine we are reminded of the masculine YANG, in yogic terms we discuss SHAKTI, described as energy and power in service, and in energy medicine we talk about the balance of the projection of masculine in the feminine.

In some ways men have a confusing role right now as the universe transitions into the feminine energy. The rough and tough, bully mentality feels more awkward and less expected of the bad boys out there… But then what?

This is a great month to encourage and honor the nurturing of fathers and the kindness that comes when they are in balance. We all can offer encouragement for hugs, wrestling, fixing things for others, being there for guys weekends, appreciating the beauty and preciousness in what the planet offers, encouraging service, and Shakti power to be mixed with stillness and peace.

This month is full of dedicated days that can provide an opportunity for those old, outdated, unnecessary modalities of fear and control to be turned to service. Some of the dedicated days for June are: United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, or World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

I am on the board of a wonderfully healing non-profit whose mission is to help the survivors of those who took their lives due to drugs, suicide, alcohol. Visit www.ericshouse.org for more information on donating or volunteering.

This Month has lots of dedicated days for lightness and peace as well. Some of these days in June are: Summer Solstice Celebrations (3HO.org), International Day of Yoga, World Sauntering Day, International Picnic Day, United Nations World Ocean Day, Log Cabin Day, or International Take Your Dog to Work Day.
For more information: http://mentalfloss.com/article/584240/june-offbeat-holidays

Have a great June, find a way to serve with energy and power while making sure you take time to slow down and “saunter” in a relaxing and rejuvenating way…