June 15, 2016: father's day, polarity, solstice

As so many others, I am struck with the seemingly random tragedy of meaningless loss of life recently. For me to wrap my feelings around any event like this, I look for the root and the context. What of the fear, the anger, hate, and particularly the polarity of right vs wrong, my view vs your view???
And also what do we make of the magnificent compassion, love, and caring that has poured out from this.

I have also chosen to look at this Sunday's Father's day as a microcosm of the outside world view. Fathers have historically been the protectors, providers, breadwinners, decision makers of the family community...
Now fathers, thankfully, have been in the process of redefinition to represent themselves as nurturers, healers, caregivers, and cooperative contributors to the wellbeing of the family unit.
Embracing this gentler paradigm in the family unit demands that we open our hearts to that belief outside of our homes. Those that can not adapt to this new time become fearful and insecure.

Somehow, in the deep sadness, I must find compassion for all involved.
I see this polarity of ideals as a significant cross road to our future.
Do we want to be a community of isolationists, intolerant of others' truth?
Are we going to choose to stand by voices that encourage this behavior and outdated thought?
If we can imagine that what we feed grows, then what energy do we want to feed?
Where do we want our collective emotional energy to go?

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