July 2023: Balance and Flexibility

This month begins the second of half of 2023 which is the year of inspiration vs. resistance and self-doubt. Within this year is this July, a month intended to allow for reassessing and balance, strengthening both our spirit and physical wellness. The natural tendencies are to hold on to what no longer serves us or others in the universe, and is the looming challenge for this month.

My friend recently brought up this struggle and the work I did years ago related to compassion fatigue vs. burnout. There is so much pushing and pulling on our emotions as we shift our energy in the universe that our whole lives can feel very raw, bringing tons of old feelings to the surface to view.
Burnout is when it is time to move out of the way of an environment or mindset or career that is dragging the whole self down because it is just the wrong path. It is a time to pause and reevaluate jobs/careers.

Compassion fatigue is actually quite different because it comes from a place of healing, caring and wanting to be continue to be that healer. It is a strong knowing that this is the right path and yet the balance of self-care has been tipped severely toward those who are needing that healing and care. There is not enough regard to self. This is a dilemma to many healers.
The key to this tipping point time right now is to pull the strengths of this July toward consciously making slots of time each day for things that rejuvenate the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional selves.

This month is enhanced by practicing flexibility, so stretching the spine every day is very important: swim, stretch, dance. This is a great time to consider an expansion on the theme of the three pillars of nutrition:
1. Food is medicine (fresh produce, clean water, good minerals and avoiding all roundup).
2. Variety is the spice of life (no left overs the very next day, switch up food choices, take a break once in a while from food routines, skip supplements sometimes to let the body kick in. Also being curious in life, curious trials of food not tried before, meeting new communities, change up what is done for exercise to keep the fascia sliding along nicely).
3. Too much of a good thing will take you down (unrelenting stress, lack of sleep patterns due to stress, repetitive thoughts of worry, fears, same foods, drinks, overdoing as a lifestyle...).
So be sure to add in a good dose of nature, being barefoot, and smell the ocean water or mountain earth. Take self-care including self-rejuvenation by making space every day for a meditative reboot.

Please do a google search on circadian health, circadian medicine, circadian rhythm.
This year is all about learning to be gentle through self-awareness and self-care. And this month is about staying in the flow and flexibility….
So have some fun to reset yourself….