July 2022: The Bigger Picture with the Neutral Mind

Amazingly we have made it into the second half of 2022, and here we are… This is the month in 2022 to step into our intention of balance and reason by finding some way to DAILY hold a neutral space in our mind, even if for a moment. That way we can glimpse at the bigger picture and continue to project healing energy.

It is so very important that we continue to be the observer, and through the neutral mind, step back from the muck and triggers that strip us of inner peace. The balance of self and the balance of the planet have become one story so that which is happening around us will be felt in our bodies if we can’t neutralize and find balance. As above, so below, as within, so without.

While on a hike to find a spring last week, I came across a small amount of water with a bright pink flower insisting on showing up to remind me of our amazing natural world. Turns out this flower is somewhat rare and called Arizona Centaury or Rosita. Perfect. This hike with this gentle but determined flower, reminded me with awe, how the planet will continue to nurture and provide. Just enough water and vegetation to supply an otherwise arid environment.

How do we move forward this month? Make a plan for action with healing in mind. Access higher vibration and resonance to attract others to that same higher energy. Turn off the media more than ever. Listen to your own drum, that of healing. Find ways to heal through vibration.

I was given a gift of a web site yesterday (thank you Sari from https://sarihands.com) . It turns out that I actually did not know how many people thought the Gong was as much of a healing energy as I do. I didn’t even know about this particular community until yesterday. I share it below but please, if interested in the Gong vibration, watch this quickly, I guess it goes away after the 4th of July….

And happy blessed Independence Day. Remember independence is now an inward state of being, self-aware, authentic, self-healing in search of a community of like-minded advocates and healers.

In Balanced health,