July 2021: The Month of Hope and Play

Seems like this month has been a steady flow kind of month. This is the month to stay in THAT wave, and not allow yourself to get too burned out or run down. TAKE TIME to observe that wave. Maybe even literally find waves to watch. Waves of water? Or Waves of tree leaves? My daughter always says the palm trees sound like the ocean if you close your eyes and listen……
Anyone seeing me long enough knows that I often state that it is vital to look at the beast that is stressful in your life, look straight into it, and notice if that beast is really as dangerous as perceived. What beast? Health, work, boss, coworker, travel, relationships, burdens, pressures, too many commitments…… Really look and then imagine another outcome possibility as an equal or even higher likelihood. Now, imagine that different outcome with all the ideas within it that you DO want.
For example: Do you feel like work is horrible? Look at the parts that are horrible straight on: then write an opposite thought as in this part of my work is rewarding… Or work offers this right now… Or work is teaching me ___?
Then write those positive notes all over for this month. How can that best part grow and evolve? It may not end up being the same job but it does help define a future position…
Plod on this month toward that change in potential outcome. What do I choose to keep and what can I let go of, to allow a more peaceful aspect to grow? Write them down.
Keep health balanced and find play in each day. What about turning on some dance beat music and moving to that for 10 minutes? Tai Chi or yoga anyone? Go to new places, see the waves around you.
Have a blessed rest of July.