July 2020: The Month of Courage and Bravery

Perhaps this month has shown you a glimpse of seeing the bigger picture, a tipping-point month by choosing to see the miracles of life. We just completed some pretty amazing and whirlwind cosmic changes like multiple eclipses, retrograde activity, and the most recent was an amazing comet named NEOWISE. Interesting about that name, who chose that name? New Wisdom! It was lovely to see, and I even saw a glimpse by my eye alone just after sunset near the big dipper. (Thank you to Luke Eden from Friends of Agua Fria National Monument / Dark Sky for sharing his photo for this month as seen from his telescope).
We have had a great opportunity for pause: What do we want? Who do we want to believe? How do we want to engage the world? Where do we want to live and work? What do we want to do about the precious environment we call home? How do we want to empower ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? How best will we serve?
It is time to step into our courage and bravery:
Courage is defined as the internal strength and fortitude to venture forth and persevere through dangers whether real or perceived, and despite fear and adversity.
Bravery is a human quality that allows us to act and behave with empathy in an activity, even while feeling fear, danger, and loss. Determination to act in the face of adversity real or perceived.
So it is important to repeat: Bravery is being afraid AND doing it anyway. That time is now.
WHAT NOW? Check out this website: www.zachbushmd.com So refreshing. Then try any of these options:
1. Go somewhere you have never been and breathe deep into a new experience.
2. Take a class, learn a meditation and practice it, go on you-tube to find empowering ideas.
3. Eat clean and curious foods, just to try them. Lots of green and bright colored veggies and fruits. Plant a garden, even if it is a pot on your porch. Eat home grown fermented foods.
4. Rebuild your physical body, consider fasting to give the body pause and to clear the liver. And move your body every day, stretch, aerobic, tai chi, chi gong, yoga. See: www.imptaz.com
5. Rejuvenate your emotional body by turning off the TV, removing the addiction of staring at the news for all its conflicting facts and fear-based traps. There has been very little value there except fear. Consider a comedy every day instead: Laughter heals in so many ways.
6. Support your immune system: vitamin D3, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, quercetin, NAC, organic and food market foods that heal the gut microbiome. See www.drkarafitzgerald.com
7. Keep up with community: zoom, phone calls, gathering with enough distance for your comfort during our re-entry.
8. Avoid controlling everyone else’s behaviors and engage in your own healing.
9. Commit to a limit on electronics especially at night when we need so much more melatonin. Lights out without electronics surrounding your sleep area… Electronics decrease healing of sleep and have been shown to decrease vital melatonin needed for immunity.
10. Engage and see kindness everywhere you look. Bright colors outside, focus on kind people who are all around you, remember the kindness in your own self. Check out www.upliftconnect.com
11. Invest in healing work: reiki, visceral / neuro manipulation, cranio-sacral work.
Be well, begin to see it now and move into your new life with bravery and courage…
Kathleen www.healgracefully.com
PS, I am still treating covid, still no major long-term issues with our patients and still helping folks feel better with this bit of advice:
Vitamin D3 5000 iu: Please take two of these per day in the morning IF ILL for two weeks and then one per day. Otherwise take one per day.
Ultrapotent C ( vitamin C ) 1000 mg: Please take three to four times per day, spread out over the day for the next two weeks then once a day ongoing.
IMMUNE ACTIVE FROM METAGENICS: Please take one capsule two times per day for 3 days and then one per day if ill. Take occasionally if not ill. This is an amazing product. Following incredible research. www.metagenics.com provider code is krickard
Not included is melatonin: naturally happens when sleeping in a very dark and cool room. No electronics, no light so the natural melatonin from the brain can help heal. If not possible then you need to find melatonin at vitamin store not drug store, not grocery store etc.....
Lots of water, no other liquid. AVOID soda, alcohol, sugar, wheat.