July 2019: The Second Half of the Year of Service and Community

Check out this sideways rainbow taken from my back yard today. So unusual and typical of this year so far… I feel this year has been quite a roller coaster so far. Got an idea and it evaporates, think you are going in a certain direction and oops…. going a different way now. Seems the way it is going this year but now starting in July, the second half of the year, some of that will hopefully settle down a bit.

I recently listened to a podcast about burnout. Not surprising, I learned that humans do better overall with hope and peace. Otherwise we have despair and fear to guide our lives and we lose our sense of equilibrium and control. Being overwhelmed leaves us distracted from our life purpose or passion and this leads to exhaustion. Exhaustion is burnout and feels very much like depression. We attain harmony in our lives by following our joyful passion and the only way to stay tuned in to that is to take time to regroup on a regular basis.

Perhaps the best way to be of service and heal others while remaining free of burnout is take a small step back in stillness every day to take care of our selves. Take time this month for self-awareness, self-care, movement, meditation, massage, breathing, song, dance, community events, and/or perhaps learning something new with curiosity. Remember, healing others becomes distorted when we are distracted by a sense of being overwhelmed. So ask yourself, what really brings you joy?

Keep up with finding fun in serving yourself and others, being discerning with choices of service, continuing the development of new plans and ideas with a sense of curiosity, and all without attachment. Get through this Mercury retrograde by quiet self-awareness and get ready for the fall when some of your best plans and ideas can begin to take strong form.