January 2023: Voice as Potential or Control

Welcome to 2023, the year to learn to speak up, carry the torch, and inspire others through both word and deed. What do you want? What is the best for our human potential? What does it take to grow as energetic human beings among humans and the planet where we live? Human is HU meaning light, MAN meaning of the earth, and BEING meaning to be in presence.

We have been in hibernation mode for over two years, learning about who we are and who we want to be as individuals and as a community. We saw more completely opposing viewpoints, more confusion, more upheaval, less toilet paper, and above all significant time for more pause in our lives than ever before.

This will eventually be, if not already understood to be, a monumental and necessary timeout in order to recalibrate to the more energy-based souls we have become So, did we walk away with more fear or did we get a glimpse of self-empowerment within the chaos?

Now we enter the year of the voice: 2+0+2+3= 7. This is a powerful year associated with speaking our truth. This offers an opportunity to break through hidden agendas, gag orders on many levels, lack of transparency in local and world affairs that affect all of us, money driven values that don’t serve, family dynamics that showed themselves, and environmental factors that will affect the planet we need for own survival.

The seven year has the potential to be a shouting match if we want that to be our way of communication. A better and more advanced way of communicating will be related to speaking from a deep and meditative mind as connected to higher calling, a universal awareness. It first requires a daily practice of stillness that provides clarity of purpose and boundaries while consciously declining self-degrading thoughts that do nothing but slow our progress.

Interestingly this month of January of the year 2023 provides lots of fire and power to this voice. It can be a time to get things done, so to speak, but can also be too strong without that pause in the day. There is a difference between passion and aggression. Sometimes, in the moment, it is hard to tell the difference as we speak… This month truly requires that we be ready to stop mid-sentence if we need to in order to be clear of our intention and not out to push our personal agendas, (as if the only way), in a bossy and forceful manner.

This month is a very important time to get our world moving at a much higher level of consciousness with all the power of 8 and voice potential of 7. Remember this month, that it is important to come from a place of calm and quiet first before speaking and then hold onto the simple truth.

Use this empowered voice of yours to uplift and encourage those around you. Not to control others but to give hope. Chant a sound current that works for you to keep you in focus: a church hymn, a yoga meditation, a mantra, Hum, Sing, Speak, Breathe.

Here we go! Let the games begin! Have a peaceful and prosperous 2023!