January 2022: Navigating with Heart and with Voice

Welcome to 2022 and the year of SIX. This means it is the year of associating all things related to heart, home, sacred space, the earth itself and nature. This 6 year provides an opportunity for addressing our personal self-esteem as well as our collective worth with a real chance to critically look at our fear-beasts.
Fear causes a weakening of our immune system so this year is an extremely important time to stand up powerfully and in solidarity in order to strengthen our immune systems and our world.
Please do not underestimate our connection to the benefits of our planetary microbiome. Do not forget that our bodies and the billions of beneficial bacteria, virus, fungi, microbes that are integrated and woven into our uniqueness, are all keen on supporting our natural immunity. It is time to understand how that will heal us.
This is our quest for 2022.
What does it take to build and support our immunity long term and with the help of nature?
How can the earth and all the energetic beings on this planet be supportive to the collective healing potential?
What do we stand for as a human race among all creatures on earth?
How do we expand our awareness through our heart, service, love, empathy, kindness to rise up to those who want us to remain in fear and oppression?
What does it take to heal wounds of separation?
How do we navigate through so many layers of fear to find peace and hope this Aquarian year?
These are all questions to be curious about and play with for 2022.

So what does this month of January provide during this year?
This January represents the number 7: This is a month to rebuild our voices into the universal equation.
This is a month to stand up and speak out for common bonds in order to bring us together in fearless autonomy.
It is our collective voices either written, spoken, sung, whispered that will awaken the paralyzed, brainwashed, judgmental, and fearful hearts that are now separating us. The drum roll of fear can be broken with the voices of reason, logic, moderation, trust, open-mindedness, kindness, and tolerance.
Gain courage through dissonance and with curiosity. Also, laughter.
Make reintroductions with those that you have lost touch with over the last few years.
See the blessings of all things heart and home.
All thoughts expand if attention is given to them, so breathe into the highest good for all.
Love and Light, Kathleen