January 2021: Flexible Beings of LIght

Welcome to 2021: With every new year, we are guided to begin with fresh new energy and hope. With so much upheaval, suffering, and polarity seen in 2020, we naturally say good bye while moving forward with great aspiration. I felt pretty grateful to have moved from a reboot kind of year into this new year, believing that all the work of last year would show rewards NOW.

Some of my optimism stemmed from understanding that much of last year’s events held a spiritual slant among light workers around the world. Light workers, (and you know who you are), are those who have chosen to be on this planet to serve, showing the way, in some capacity, for the highest good for everything and everyone on this planet. Lightworkers have been working hard to heal others, and to allow others to see in themselves, the capacity to choose to be and become more awakened/aware. These lightworkers have banded together in the light, feeling, praying, healing, and contributing to that tipping point of awareness toward what is called the Aquarian times of peace. No turning back, it WILL be ok.

However, the lessons of last year must include appreciating that with so many profound changes, it is time to look at everything with fresh eyes instead of hoping things would be as before. Everyone grows at their own pace and to their own capacity.
Well it has been far from a peaceful transition and many of those who have worked so hard to share the light also became a little bit righteous because they work so hard to spread this light, so why doesn’t everyone out there see what they see?

It suddenly occurred to me that the light workers must shift now to be light-beings, not workers. It’s time now to be the light, see the light, carry the light to all because actually the work part is past. The healing of consciousness is in the individual choice of the presence, the now, the stillness within. So uplift and stand ready, shine the light, allowing the higher consciousness of those that want that path to join in as they are able. So Be it.

What does that mean for 2021? This is the year of the number 5 (2+0+2+1=5). Five in this form of numerology represents flexibility, physical health of the body, the earth, the surroundings. Now is an important time to reevaluate the foods and nutrients we put in our bodies, the toxins we need to be able to eliminate, the toxic thoughts that no longer serve us, the air we breathe, Terra Vida.

The planet will likely be clearing itself in many ways this year, we humans need to as well. Get out, meditate, move your body and stretch every day, eat cleaner, clean out clutter in your home, take a few supplements that are not easy for you to get due to poor food sources, breathe consciously and with purpose.

Take good care of your immune system especially this month and no matter what is happening outside of yourself, take a moment to see the spark in all individuals with compassion. That is a discipline well worth your time.