January 2020: New Beginnings with Eyes Wide Open!

Here we are: A decade that has been long awaited by many spiritual and healing circles. No matter where we look, this anticipated decade offers more hope and greater potential than any other. For many, this year offers at least a breath of fresh air after such an enormous roller coaster polarity seen in the year of 2019.

That is not to say this year will be free of challenges, of course growth always comes with challenges, it cannot be any other way. Sometimes the body demands a retreat to better give pause, so I recommend listening to your body early and often to quickly realign. Get enough rest, breathe, and find resources to help define and support what is needed for healing from your concerns and challenges. Look straight at the challenges, see through them to a best, kind, and more resilient way of living.

This is the year of new beginnings, planting seeds, setting the stage for this decade. What have you dabbled with over the last few years, and did you like some of what you explored? And more importantly, did any of those projects and plans allow you to provide service to others as you prosper?

Search for those pearls that allow you and others to have an abundant life of giving and receiving while focusing on true peace and prosperity. Begin to focus on what you do want for the planet and everything / everyone on this precious earth. Anything less than that is wasting energy that is intended for our growth.
So plant your seeds of graceful gifts to the universe, take time to breathe through to the next step as you carry gratitude that you are being carried in your work for the highest good.

Please visit the fireside chat blog about 2020 as spoken by Sangeet at www.healingsource.com Look for her blog section and give yourself a 7 minute conversation of hope.
Welcome to your higher self and the ability to see and grow the spark in everything around you.