January 2019: A Creative Quest

Here we are in January of 2019, the year in numerological terms for enjoying friends and family, learning about new ideas without taking anything too seriously, and for lighting that creative torch without expecting anything to be permanent. Ready for paths and routes to change midway through a goal? Time to play with ideas but not accept all opportunities for now. Seems like that is how this January has gone so far for me…. And So, how is 2019 so far for you?

This year, I take a light look at healing. Alleviating suffering, as seen in a wide array of forms, has been a strong motivation of humanity since the beginning of time. With technology, we find lots of valuable information, but what is the root of healing?

In graves unearthed from prehistoric times and through observation of the aborigines’ tribes, there is evidence of healing and caregiving through involvement of spirits, environmental observations, plants, earth/clay, and magic.

The demons were often to blame and much of healing included curing the victim by removing those demons. This was done by perhaps adding charms, herbs, plants, clay from the earth, and occasionally drilling a hole in the skull to alleviate pressure of all sorts. That was called trepanning.

One human, named ICEMAN was said to have lived 5300 years ago and was found with a pouch containing birch fungus, known to be medicinally healing for parasites, that he was noted to have.

So for January, be curious about how you feel carrying around a special healing jewelry, or a sense of comfort with the aroma of oils/ food. Our ancestors may be calling to us to heal.

I will be sending out a separate email for a meditation workshop beginning IN February for six Monday evenings…. Stay tuned and have a great rest of this month of January 2019.